Individual home


As an easy to use and economical solution, DBT CEV’s portfolio of home charging units are available in different configurations (plastic/metal, 1-2 plugs, 16A/32A) and will integrate seamlessly in your home garage or private parking lot for a safe charging operation of your electric vehicle.


Products: EV Pure, EV Stream

Multi-family apartments and residential parking


DBT CEV has developed a large range of hardware that suit perfectly the needs of private parking areas and multi-family apartments. These solutions include a specific metering system for supervision of your average energy consumption and usage.


Products: EV Pure, EV Stream, BBR


Retail and distribution


Since the middle of the 1990s, DBT CEV has collaborated with numerous distribution, restaurant and hotel chains in the field of electric vehicle charging projects. A stylish and differenciating service, DBT CEV stations can also be used as an advertising and sales/marketing support. They can provide an ideal media tool for businesses looking to promote sustainable mobility in a very unique way, thanks, for example, to our portfolio of electric vehicle charging billboards.


Products: EV Pure, EV Stream, BBR, NCE, GNS, HRC, NQC Quick Charger


Street parking


DBT CEV provides a large choice of solutions when it comes to street charging, thanks to an extended experience with electric vehicles projects with European municipalities. Whether it is for normal (240V) or fast (400V) charging usage, these stations will impress you by their easy of use. Thanks to numerous ongoing partnerships with small, medium and large-size cities and communities, DBT CEV is also able to provide integration services for an already existing network of charging infrastructure. Our Sales Department is available to help you set up your stations network depending of your specifications (centralized management system, online server needs, software)


Products: EV Pure, EV Stream, BBR, NCE, GNS, HRC, NQC Quick Charger


Parking buildings


Discover our electric vehicle charging infrastructure for indoor parking and indoor service areas. Thanks to a robust stainless steel design and rigourous quality process, DBT CEV stations are able to withstand severe use on an extended period of time, providing better ROI for your material. Several payment and billing systems are available for your charging infrastructure network.


Products: EV Pure, EV Stream, NCE, GNS, HRC, NQC Quick Charger


Service station


Charging an electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes is now possible. Rapid charging systems are available to revolutionize your electric mobility, providing enhanced driving comfort and extended autonomy for your electric vehicle. Positioned alongside densely populated areas or very busy highways, for example in a network of service stations, quick chargers allow greater rotation of electric vehicles in a given zone. They favour the formation of an extended EV driving radius of potential commutes for users. Very popular amongst electric vehicles drivers, this technology thus allows new travel patterns for electric vehicle users, providing them with grater liberty and zero-emission driving.


Products: NQC Quick Charger