NQC series

Quick charge: Chademo, Dual (Chademo + CCS) and Tri-standard (Chademo + CCS + AC)


Imagine the higher step towards e-mobility. Imagine an affordable quick charger than can safely charge electric vehicles on your parking lot in less than 30 minutes. Imagine a CHAdeMO-certified fast charging technology with a harmonious slim design that is able to replace up to 18 normal charging units. Imagine a unique, differenciating service for your customers, whether they are early adopters of electric mobility or new owners of an electric vehicle. Imagine a technology capable to generate new perspectives for your business, for your city and for the environment. Welcome to the world of affordable e-mobility. For all.


HRC series

2 16A plug (normal charging/3kW) and/or 32A plugs (accelerated charging/22kW)


HRC series station is available in 3 configurations : a delivery unit, a management system or a standalone "master" unit (with integrated management system). A very attractive hardware which can be provided in premium locations, HRC accounts for a large advertising space, an LCD screen, ... and still manages to show impressive integration and resistance to urban wear and tear. Accessible through RFID or cellphone (textmessage, NFC technology, ...), it can drive up to 32 charging points and be linked through a wireless network for daily statistics tracking (optional).


GNS series

2 16A plug (normal charging/3kW) or 32A plugs (accelerated charging/22kW)


A popular charging choice across Europe, the GNS series is a one-does-it-all-unit and one of the most configurable solution on the market (identification, billing services, software, ...) for most charging applications. Accessible through RFID or cellphone (textmessage, NFC technology, ...), this hardware provides an intuitive user interface to ease up the charging process for the driver. A urban proof design, the GNS series will overperform your expectations in terms of resistance, durability and safety.


NCE series

16A plug (normal charging/3kW) and/or 32A plug (accelerated charging/22kW)


A sleek, modern, and unobstrusive design, the NCE series has it all : it is one of the most compact charging station for public areas. Thanks to dedicated RFID tag, such as what can be seen on most public carsharing systems, this solution allows a direct access to each plug socket for charging. Such design avoids process of identification through a centralized management unit. A flexible and practical unit : NCE series is an ideal charging solution for city life.


EV Pure series

16A plug (normal charging/3kW-7kW)


- Polycarbonate housing

- Mode 1, 2 or 3 charging (Type 1/2/3/domestic plug)

- LED 3 coulor state of charge system

- User protection while charging

- Optional access control feature

- RAL 7047 available (others – optional)

- Optional decals and markings available


BBR series

16A plug (normal charging/3kW) and/or 32A plug (accelerated charging/22kW)



A stainless steel and vandalism-proof charging unit, the BBR series is the ultimate charging solutions for street and public parking applications lacking direct access to a wall. Easy to use thanks a plug selection push button, this station also provides an “easy to check” LED state of charge indicator to inform user regarding his charging process. Can be controlled through a remote central management system (up to 16BBRs available on the same networked hardware).


EV Stream series - wall or pole mounted

16A plug, 3kW-7kW, 16-32A plug


- Polycarbonate housing

- Mode 3 charging available with Type 1 or Type 2

- Evolutive power available (16Amps or 32 Amps)

- Dimensions: H349 x L251 x D134 mm

- Indoor /Outdoor use (-20°C / +50°C)

- Weight: 5 Kg

- Options: Energy metering system, RFID reader, Analogic timer, Surge arrester